Taking advantage of an event we did, we got some pictures to explain how to spray paint a microwave. We know that person has their own methods, but in this case we want to share with you how Brico and Deco painted this microwave. The secret: very thin, straight strokes and covering the entire surface. The result is extraordinary. Not a splash, or a lump.

The microwave was new but the owner wanted to give it some colour to his kitchen and make it stand out. What better than to paint it red.

As always, before spraying, the most important thing is to get the piece, in this case the microwave, to be completely clean. You can do it with any kitchen degreaser or alcohol. Then you must cover the parts you do not want to paint with masking tape. Make sure that the edges of the tape stick down well to prevent paint from seeping down inside.


With Pintyplus Evolution no primer was needed in this case. The procedure was to apply very thin layers to all sides of the oven. Without waiting for it to dry, circle the object, painting it very gently, patiently and ensuring 100% of the surface is covered. Don’t get nervous because it does end up covering really well and this avoids you needing a second coat.

pintar-microondas-con-spray-2 (2)

As you can see, the result is quite professional, and I took less than 5 minutes to paint and only  a single 400ml can with even some leftover.