One of our Blog friends was commissioned, to use our Chalk Paint Spray, and update a small piece of vintage furniture, but with a difference. We thought we would ask her to transform only half the nightstand to reflect both the before and after.


The preparation was the same as always: clean the surface before painting, mask off the areas that were not going to be painted. In this case, that also included areas we would be decorating in a different colour.




Once she had covered the relevant area she began painting. As always we recommend, the first layer should be very thin, without allowing it to cover the entire surface, this provides adhesion to the next layer. The next layer concentrates on covering properly but still using thin layers and always trying to keep the spray can upright. When painting horizontal surfaces it is always better to tilt the can a little and avoid painting flat onto the furniture.



First she painted with lighter colour as we always recommend. For that she used the broken white Pintyplus Chalk Spray Paint . She then used the next colour, waiting for a minimum drying time of 15 minutes, so the new masking did not affect the area already painted. For this she used the indigo blue on part of the drawers and grey ash on the legs of the table.




We leave you with the video of the process: