This DIY Sun mirror ‘ Love for decoration ‘presented in competition #desafionovasol handbox is not any DIY. It’s a job, started from zero and ended with the showiness that brings our painting, although the work is really worthwhile all the above process. He used copper tube cut and shaped to fit the contour of the mirror and then painted with Daffodil Yellow, Rape Yellow and White Pintyplus Signal Evolution. You only have to see the pictures, they are spectacular.


Just to remind you that when degraded is always better to start painting with lighter colors and go up in tone.

When you talk about what is not known risks bored, so we leave directly to the original post ‘DIY sun mirror’ for which you dare to. The well aware. Good luck with the DIY and thank you for your input Lorena is a super complete work and very well executed !!


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