For street artists it is quite common to try and create the cosmos using a spray paint effect. Our Pintyplus Basic is often used to paint pictures with coloruful planets, moons and magical sparkling waterfalls that seem to defy gravity, but we did not imagine that someone would do this with our Pintyplus Chalk Paint and even less that it would be on an Ikea bookcase.


The idea was given to Javi, one of our regular contributors, whom we proposed the challenge of painting the galaxy on an Ikea bookcase, with our Pintyplus chalk paint.

To begin with he painted black the whole piece of furniture. He then waited just five minutes for the paint to dry and shamelessly, almost randomly, chose the colours, pink petal, pale turquoise and blue indigo to create the effect of cosmic dust.



Pressing gently, without following any pattern, firing in all directions and spraying more than painting, he crossed over the space with the chalk tinting paint. He said “You do not know how relaxing it is to feel creative for a day drawing stars, nebulae and galaxies in a three dimensional environment!” There was no corner left that was not painted randomly by the spray.



Before calling the job done, He had to create the closest stars to give depth to the galaxy. He could have done this by using placing a few large drops onto his wet fingers and splashing the surface, but he used a much more distinguished way. With the Broken White chalk paint he used his hand and pressed very slightly on the diffuser letting the paint out freely as if letting out the air but without opening it at all, almost as if pinched the jet. This is, the worst way possible to use the aerosol but it worked and the paint splattered out forming the nearby stars.



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