It has only been a few months since we released the Pintyplus Chalk, and since then stop reach us ideas for decorating with chalk paint spray from all over Spain and other countries that are targeting the creative car, and this is a example that shows what can be achieved only with photo frames painted with chalk paint spray single market . The only water-based and keeps the spirit in which it was created.


In Hungary we have a distributor superior, who believe in the brand, creativity and people. So follow our same spirit of collaboration with bloggers and creators of ideas and trends, the real stars of this offering and collaborate on projects where we let people grow and get carried away. Only then com0 these things out.


Only need four indications for attendees to workshops do things how are you. This time they made picture frames with paint alone, age and add your own techniques and concerns. And Pintyplus chalk spray paint is much easier.



Pintyplus chalk paint is ideal for a vintage or aged look to your objects. On wood it is perfect, although you can apply to many materials, including glass bottles or vases or porcelain with the appropriate primer.

Source: Hobbymuvesz