We present a blog that teaches how to paint some Ikea furniture inspired by the paintings of Mondrian.

We all have in mind the paintings of Piet Mondrian. His works and compositions made of rectangles in yellow, red, blue and black, led him to be one of the most well-known of abstract art along with Kandinsky and Malevich.


  • Furniture, preferably white. In our case we chose one from Ikea.
  • Spray paint Pintyplus Evolution in yellow, red, blue and black.
  • Masking tape.
  • Sheets of newspaper or similar.

pintar-m (1)

Step 1: Planning.

This work requires some advance planning. On a sheet of paper we made a sketch of the furniture and began to draw some straight lines to form rectangles. Then we chose the colours that we wanted to fill them with. We are not geniuses so were guided by one of his paintings and to get the best idea of colour combinations;)

pintar-m (2)

Step 2: Preparation.

This is the hardest step. First using masking tape we marked the basic lines of the rectangles. We used a square to ensure the levels were correct and the lines parallel. Precision here was key. As we used four colours, we had to be very careful what we covered, how we covered and the drying times between colours.

pintar-m (3)

Step 3: Painting.

When everything was covered that we did not want to paint, it was time to spray, but it was important not to rush, but use soft strokes, thin layers and beginning and ending outside the area so as not to accumulate paint at the ends of the strokes.

pintar-m (4)

We let it dry for 15 minutes and removed all the masking for the next colour. then we repeated step 2 and 3 for each colour. Being very patient …

pintar-m (5)

When done, we recommend painting black lines separating the end. You’ll never look at Ikea furniture in the same way again.

pintar-m (6)