In this video tutorial Javi de Yonoloriraria teaches us how easy it is to paint a wooden rocking chair with Pintyplus chalk spray paint. All you have to do is clean, apply masking tape and paint. It’s as simple as that.


  • A couple of cans of spray paint Pintyplus chalk.
  • Masking tape.
  • The rocker.


Preparation and Cleaning:

First of all we clean the cabinet that we will paint with thinners or a similar product. Then remove any dust or stains to ensure the paint gets maximum anchorage. Covering the floor and walls with newspaper or plastic to avoid staining the area where we are going to paint and using masking tape to areas we cover the rocker we do not want to be painted. Especially the seat area to avoid staining the upholstery.

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Once we have the chair ready we just have to paint. As is always the case, we spray using thin layers and criss-cross for the perfect finish. As chalk and chalk paint have high solids, it is important to always paint vertically, otherwise, due to the weight of the particles, some product may get stuck in the base of the valve and may fall on to what we are painting. If this happens do not worry, simply use a wet rag quickly and evenly across the surface and then repaint.

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Once it is painted you can use a brush or hit with a cloth to remove any dust. If you are also crafty enough to make matching cushions, the result will be spectacular.8
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