We show you step by step how to age a desk lamp Ikea with our Pintyplus Evolution in what we have called as DIY vintage lamp because it is a DIY ( Do It Yourself, or do it yourself ) in every rule, with a lamp Ikea A little wax and spray paint. You see, it is simple and very professional result.



  • A desk lamp in this case is Ikea.
  • 1 can of spray paint PINTYPLUS Evolution.
  • 1 can of furniture polish.
  • Masking tape.
  • Lija.


Step 1: preparation.

We dismantle the lamp to paint more easily. We cover the areas that will not paint as cables, switches or electrical connections with masking tape or similar.


Step 2: waxing.

The purpose of this step is to ‘mess’ with wax lamp in those areas we want the paint will not stick and therefore once painted, to chip giving the appearance of aged or vintage. We can help with a brush or rag, or directly with the fingertips. Spread above areas as they have sharp edges or motion to simulate wear over the years.


Step 3: painting.

Covered with newspaper or plastic film the area where we are going to paint. Shake the pot for a few seconds to mix the paint properly inside and began to paint. We recommend giving a first press outside the object to be painted to verify pressure and stroke for optimum distance. Always thin layers. If we stay for some chorretón oversight, do not worry, wait for it to dry, sandpaper and go back to painting. It is the grace of spray paint, you can repaint that there will be no problem strokes.


Step 4: finished.

Remove the masking tape lamp and gently sanded the whole lamp, especially looking for areas where we have put the wax. We can sand the edges between waxed and painted part to soften the effect.


And we assemble again.


And we assemble again.