At the start of Halloween, Masni Coffee Blog decorate some mini-pumpkins.


Necessary materials:

  1. A can of black spray paint Pintyplus Basic .
  2. Pintyplus paillettes/dust .
  3. A can of spray Pintyplus Evolution varnish  or Pintyplus Art & Craft varnish.
  4. A couple or three small pumpkins.

decoraci (1)

First as always cover the area well where we’re going to paint. Place the pumpkin and spray paint in all directions. You can hold them by the tail with the help of a little newspaper or latex gloves to avoid getting dirty. We’ll leave the tail unpainted in its natural state.

Wait 10 minutes and apply a second layer with black spray for greater opacity. When the paint is still wet to touch dust with glitter powder. This can be achieved by getting a little on hand and gently blowing. This will give some precious sparkles to the black base colour of the pumpkin. in either blue, green, silver or even gold.

Once done, leave to dry for about 24 hours and then apply the varnish spray. Do not use water-based varnish because it can corrode the dust particles. The best option is to use the Evolution Pintyplus varnish as it is a solvent based acrylic.

decoraci (2)

To finish we placed in a bowl as a centerpiece or to decorate a corner of your kitchen or dining room.

Happy Halloween!

Source: Masni Café Blog