We discovered this great crafter at a DIY Show. We seized on the things he did and how from the beginning, and he is now one of our best collaborators. Using Pintyplus Chalk Paint Spray he began decorating objects as if he had been using it all his life, using different surfaces to test the behaviour of the paint. He painted wicker objects, wood, glass and porcelain.

Here’s the first object that he set up for us. A porcelain bowl with painted mint green edge. Note that the grip is not the best material due to porous nature of this material, but as a decorative element it is really worked.


He then tried it out on a wooden frame that was painted off-white. Our Pintyplus chalk spray paint has a perfect behaviour on wood, it is one of the areas that was really successful.



He also painted wicker baskets in different colours of chalk. There is nothing better than using a spray to reach all the nooks and crannies, and with our Pintyplus, we provided some silky pastel colors.


Another wooden object he tried it on was a stool. Here he used the Stone coloured Chalk Spray Paint. The result was perfect.


And the hardest, painting on glass !! In this case, and after trying various solutions, the best one was to first use our  Universal primer and then the Chalk Paint Spray. This also helps when dealing with porous surfaces such as stainless steel. In this case, Cristina used a glass, a letter stencils and paint brown icing to make a nice candle holders.



Until the next post!

Source:  My Locker Flirty