In this tutorial we explain 4 ways to grow old with spray paint objects , specifically with our  Pintyplus Chalk Spray Paint  for being the quintessential vintage effect . In some lasmanos we use as part of the process, but in case of using other types of paints, do always wearing gloves or using the right tool. Also, each quality paint has its own drying times, so the techniques must be matched to the quality of each.

Basically it is to simulate the effect of wear over time. There are several ways to do this but we are going to expose 4 Ways to age objects with spray paint, very simple and anyone can do with a little taste.

1. Sand:

Paint the wood, furniture or object with Pintyplus Chalk Paint. As always thin layers and leaving five minutes between coats. When we give for good the last coat, allow it to dry 20 minutes. Then we had a cloth over the surface to take any dust that has accumulated and with a soft sandpaper, rub the edges and parts of the object that we want to make them look aged or worn by the passage of time. The original color of the object appear in those areas giving the desired effect.





2. Rub:

We paint the object with our Pintyplus Chalk Paint, but this time we will not wait for it to dry, but quite the opposite. With the paint still bite, spend the fingertips or palm for those areas to seek wear as songs or reliefs . The original material will appear below vintage achieving the desired effect. As a water-based paint you can wash your hands when you’re done with no problem.

You can also paint a first layer of a color, wait until completely dry, paint with a different color top layer to wear it quickly before it dries to display the first color below. This is even more true if you desgastas then with sandpaper to reveal the original wood, because then you will have to view the two layers of paint over wood.

One of the main features of our chalk paint is formulated in water-based. A greater proportion of their health safety, gives us ease of use of techniques to work it so comfortable and affordable.


3. Smear:

The third form of aging objects with spray paint that is used Javi de Yonolotiraría in the presentation of Barcelona. It is paint the object with a predominant color then stain the edges and reliefs of a second color . Simply pull a jet of paint on a paper or cardboard and getting wet fingers or even the entire palm, literally spotted the parties believe that they could have suffered more wear, such as songs and reliefs.










4. Waxing:

Here the process is even reversed. We will use the classic furniture polish lifelong used to protect furniture and let’s put, before painting, in the areas we want to appear worn . There the paint will not stick and jump with ease. You’ll have to imagine the good result to put wax wherever you need it but sometimes improvisation may surprise positively. Once waxed parties are going to be worn, we paint normally and let dry 20 minutes. After this period, we rub the surface without fear. The areas where we put the wax will be revealed generating the effect of ancient object.


5. Blend:

This technique applied by BricoyDeco consiste to use on painted with our Pintyplus Chalk Paint surface water as eroding agent . Being a water-based paint, if the paint is completely dry, water dissolving parts go where the sconces, continuously wet with a brush and some patience. The effect will be softer than sandpaper worn based and give the object a former air but beware. This technique can only be applied with water-based paints as our Pintyplus Chalk Paint or Pintyplus Aqua.



You can also give layers of different colors to create unique effects and combining these or other techniques such as image transfer or painted freehand.

We encourage you to test and experiment. If you know of any other technique that we can use with spray paint do not hesitate to comment on it we have so much to discover …