This trick Brico and the Deco brought in during a post in creating clipboard with recycled materials. We stayed with the technique used to give the pickling effect on our Pintyplus Chalk water, and you see in this picture.


As you know, painting the chalk as many call it, it is made from natural elements and logically very water-based, solvent-free. You must know what You buy at all times Notice the warning icons containers. Although this may appear strange, in the case of spray paint it is much easier and cheaper to make with solvents with water. I leave it there;)

As it is formulated with water, if you spend a wet cloth when you just paint, you’re going to take the whole. If you wait for it to dry completely you have to stripping or sanding.

Leveraging this quality of Pintyplus Chalk, Brico and the Deco damp cloth used for very cool effects. What she does is play with two colors, one that puts as a base and another painted over. When you give two layers with different colours, allowing to dry between coats, what you get is to have ‘two-tier’ of paint in various colours. Wearing the above appears below, and wearing both, have the natural wood color or surface that you used.

In the picture, he used a top of a wooden box and gave a base colour with Chalk Paint rose petal.


Within 20 minutes he completely covered with Chestnut Brown Chalk Paint.

Then, with the help of a brush dipped in water, he worked on the Chestnut Brown until the Rose Petal started to appear as a base. You can also use cotton soaked in water.