In this post we show a label with spray very easily so you can decorate every corner of your home creatively. In this case writing a word that identifies you, the name of your children or you feel like at the time.

We will need balsa wood , or the like masking tape and spray paint . In this case I wanted to mix different textures in a similar tone using some of the existing Pintyplus ranges (Basic, Evolution and Chalk Paint).


In each piece of wood he wrote a letter to the tape, in this case it did with duct tape, but better with masking tape. Cristina chose LOVE how could it be otherwise.


After each painted separately so that each piece has its colour. Remember, thin layers. You can give as many as you want, but always in thin layers to avoid accumulating too much paint in one area.


A few minutes later, without waiting to dry completely, remove the tape and think about where we put it.


Try different combinations of colors and different materials, textiles can be very nice too.

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Source: My Locker Flirty