In this program the team Decogarden left us this amazing radical change all the furniture in the kitchen with our Pintyplus spray paint.


It seems incredible how we can modernize such an important and central space, as is the kitchen, with half a dozen cans of spray paint.

The first thing they did was remove the doors to paint comfortably. To help the paint had better anchorage, they sanded the surface gently before proceeding with painted.



Once sanded and clean, they waved and spray painted with thin layers respecting the drying time between coats. The first is the most important because it is what will give us the anchor and will both cover-pores. The rest, wait 5 minutes between coats and allow to level one.

The kitchen furniture and doors of the hall were painted with  Evolution Pintyplus  directly without primer.

decogarden-cocina-comedor-pintyplus-3 decogarden-cocina-comedor-pintyplus-4 decogarden-cocina-comedor-pintyplus-7

Then they mounted the doors. As you see, it takes longer to assemble and disassemble the kitchen than in painting.

To finish the remodeling, we were shown other applications with spray paint, such as painting the sofa table and ceiling lamp, all with Pintyplus Basic in fuchsia and pink respectively to give a cool and casual air.

decogarden-cocina-comedor-pintyplus-6-300x192 decogarden-cocina-comedor-pintyplus-13-300x199decogarden-cocina-comedor-pintyplus-5-300x192decogarden-cocina-comedor-pintyplus-12-300x199













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