Sure we all have at home any fan of these so ugly that hide when guests come. In this post from one of our newest bloggers, Dekorella Blog , shows us how to tune a fan with a pot of gold Pintyplus Evolution .


The first is to dismantle it completely. Remember the steps you followed to disassemble for leftover pieces then I do not like me! 😉



If you wish to withstand a life, you can give a layer of primer for plastics  in the plastic parts and galvanic primer or ferric iron in parts.


Supports the pieces go painted in gold (or color of your choice) on cardboard or newspaper. Once ready, clean parts thoroughly to remove all traces of oil above or dust motes. Then apply the paint remembering that bit better two or three thin coats than one thick. It is much better for the adhesion of the paint itself and to avoid accumulating too much paint in an area that can give you problems then drying or sagging.

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Our painting Pintyplus Evolution  has the world’s fastest drying, so within 15 minutes of having painted and can manipulate the pieces for assembly without any problem.

It never hurts a little fresh air …


Source:  Dekorella Blog