We lacked a post to teach how to paint wicker spray with freshly  Pintyplus Chalk Spray Paint . The work was done by Olga Inventing Yellow Brick, and as always doing something, very charming. As we all know, a wicker basket paint brush or brush can be a thankless faenón, so the spray paint is so useful because it reaches everywhere and ultra fast. You do not have to mess brushes or paint soaking go as it dries in the pot.


Touch and painting the boat remains tight as the first day. In addition to reaching all corners no problem if the emotion of the moment you leave an area to paint, you can do it later without fear that new strokes are visible. In this case, the color scheme was spectacular: rose petal and gray ash.



You can paint the interior and exterior of different colors, paint the handles striped or polka dots, or draw a heart with a template. What suits you best and your favorite color combination.

The result is obvious.


Congratulations Olga, like everything you do, great.

Source: Inventing Yellow Brick