We present the creation of the blog Gold Mint in making a DIY candle holders with a can of olives. To begin, open the can. As a trick, girls OroyMenta offer us buy a can not easily open and open with a can opener handle. They found that in this way leaves less sharp edges that easily opens. Curious, is not it?


Once we have the flip open, we holed the body with the help of a thin bit. Alike you think of other ways to do it but be careful that you can easily rounded and lastimaros slip.

Once pierced and uncovered the well cleaned and had a rag to her free of impurities. We cover the area where we are going to paint and give a first thin layer of Pintyplus Chalk Spray Paint . In this case they used the Black Lead but you can use other colors that complement your decor.


Probably with a layer already have enough, but if you’re not sure you have covered all parts well, you can give a second layer without any problem.


And ready! Just put a candle inside and enjoy the DIY candle holders!

Source: Gold Mint