This post comes from Hungary that leads to the depths of the past of our parents to tell us how to make a phone with two cans. Younger children will love seeing how you do it, and if you also let them choose their favorite colors, have happy for a few hours which is a lot!

Necessary material:

– Two cans.

– Rope.

– A couple of boats Pintyplus Evolution .


We do with two cans of olives, tomato or what we have at home. We took the lid making sure not to let either sharp edges or scraps since children may be cut. Thoroughly clean them to avoid excess oil.

With the help of a small drill bit, 3 for example, make a hole in the base of each can.

While we cover around the can and paint. It is important to give a first very thin layer to grip well on tinplate. After equally thin layers until we see is all the covered area. If you leave something, nothing happens. When dry you can give another dash that will not be noticed at all.


After we passed the rope through the two holes and make a knot at each end. The string can be between 2 and 5 meters, even more.


And ready, we have a most retro toy for our kids to have fun!


Source:  Cafeblog