From the corner of my blog, comes this post in which he explains how to paint a very DIY valet. The truth is that valet was a very sober and quite dated and the hand of the author Pntyplus our Chalk Paint Spray paint has left him unrecognizable. Consider the steps.

For starters I had to fix it up and down. We leave that to see him in his own blog in the link at the bottom.


Then he painted integer Pintyplus Stone Chalk with color. It is a beautiful off-white that looks good to wear you down a bit and reveal some background wood. In this case the wood was too dark and chose to add vintage prints based stencils that were incredible.

whole was painted with a can and a half and no more than fifteen minutes. For drawers and rods used a paint brush to give the personal touch.


At the end he passed a very fine sandpaper and a rag to remove chalk dust primer.

Notice that this hidden wonder taxed press. The color scheme has given life to something that seemed moribund.



Source: corner of my blog