Whenever we talk about aerosols, the instructions are too short because we do are terribly simple. Stir and apply. In the case of pickling spray just apply the product on the area to be removed and wait a few minutes for the stripper act. Then you can remove with a cloth or help of a scraper. The longer you leave it to act, the greater the flux function. You can repeat the process as many times as you need and you have the surface ready for whatever you need.

In this case on wood we had to wait no longer than 1 minute but depend on the timber you want to clean and time and has accumulated layers of paint.

Curiosity: the formulation of the stripper was stronger in the past when they could utuilizar more aggressive but also more products harmful to health and the environment par. Today the new formulations are not as effective as before but do their job. A small inconvenience worth enduring.