We bring you the first “real” Chalk Paint spray,

If you want to give a vintage touch to your furniture, if you have old items that are tired but you don’t want to throw away, if you have a very elaborate piece with recesses, reliefs or small details, the PINTY PLUS Chalk paint is the fastest, easiest and effective solution to give it a second life.

This authentic chalk paint is water-based and therefore has a low odour and is environmentally friendly.

Its even spray pressure making it easy for anyone to use. Simply apply 2-3 coats in light layers from approx 25cm (10 inches) and if needed finish the job off with our “special” water-based varnish from our ART range. This is available in a matt, satin or gloss finish.

It is fast-drying and leaves a soft, velvety matt appearance. and with the decorative colours available it’s time for you to renew the your home.