pintyplus-yonolotirariaWhat about Javi Barquín? Those who know him we have only words of admiration, not only for what it shows in the RRSS, but by their natural way of being humble and with a great sense of camaraderie. Born in Huesca, this blogger who works at the Hospital del Vendrell and tuner object calls itself devotes his free time to blog Yonolotiraría in putting all the passion and energy to please their fans, who are not few.

The blog is a plea to the recovery and restoration of objects. There is more to shop Taller-pintyplus-DIYaround for him to see everything you can do. He is ready for anything! Since repair a grid hood of your kitchen to put on gloves carpenter and make a radical change of a bedside table, put wheels on a stove or reforming a bathroom, make a speaker for mobile with a box of Pringles or give practical and friendly way to some old tennis balls. A crack of tuning of objects, capable of transforming the most unlikely using your wits and hands.

For a year now we have been working with him enjoying his positive energy and great blogger making this one of our team who does not lack suitors. His workshops are always very practical and full of good intentions. And a big fan of our Pintyplus;)

Long live Yonolotiraría !