Our boats attached a lot of information, just know read it and know what you mean. Everything is useful and help us to know better the product that we use.

Today I want to explain what some of these data and the reason that we put. We speak of our Pintyplus Basic, the SUV , as many makers call it …

We start with the color information .


The paint color is identified by the label of the cap and the bar code label. They are not the real colors, for being made by printing is virtually impossible to ascertain the exact color, but very very similar, both have good guidance on what color are buying.

The bar code is unique to each product, so no two identical codes in the world. That an international body that manages AECOC in Spain is responsible.This will assign a code consisting of 84 (Spain) 29576 (Novasol Spray) 5 plus (reference product) and finally a DC-digit (check digit). The latter is like the letter of the NIF or the DC bank, is one digit leaving the calculation of the above to avoid transcription errors. Thus, the matte black 9010 has a different code to satin or gloss, and each color has its own.

The RAL code is an international code as the Pantone color. The first is indicated as the Pantone paint is used for printing. It is difficult for two codes match.

pintyplus-novasol pinty-plus-novasol-spray-baniz-aerosol



Then we have other very important information:

The QR code that can be read from a mobile device with an app for this function, there are plenty of them to install. This code takes you directly to the product sheet on our website. Here you will find all the information you want and that for reasons of space would be impossible to include in the pot: applications, dried, surfaces … all lots of useful features that will clarify many of your questions.

And we also have another code printed on the bottom of the boat , which tells us the production date and the exact time to the minute when packaged.This allows us to have traceability in detecting production errors and prevent it hits stores, thus ensuring product quality at all times.