Do you know that Novasol Spray devotes 10% of its workforce to R & D?
The work of this department is crucial, because of what they believe will determine the future of the company. It’s like that! They work for products that will go on sale in two, three, five or ten years or even longer.


The ideas that come to this department are shared with Address to study its feasibility, and if so, are assigned an internal code and an investigation was opened.


After a while, when the product is formulated and tested by actual consumers, it gets in accelerated aging to verify that the product is stable over time.

At six months, if everything went right, the product is considered ‘solved technically’ and passed to the appropriate department for placing on the market.


There are developments in nine months may be available for sale, and other, more complex, they can spend years wandering around the lab and some do not get to see the light ever. Are the things of R & D …;)